Oversight, Compliance, and Personnel Security - $175.00 CAD each

It is important that you have a complete understanding of oversight and compliance as it will affect your business.  Oversight and compliance is the means through which the Government of Canada, through Transport Canada, assures that Air Cargo Security stakeholders are complying with legislation and the intent of the Air Cargo Security Program.  This assurance is achieved through compliance assessments, inspections and monitoring by Transportation Security Inspectors (TSI).  This course will also describe the basic personnel security requirements that are fundamental to the Air Cargo Security Program. This course will teach students the following topics:

  • Air Cargo Security legislative requirements
  • How legislation impacts your business & processes
  • Implementation of the Cargo Security Plan (CSP)
  • Expectations of the Transport Canada Security Inspector and the Air Cargo Security Compliance Assessment & Inspection
  • The basics of Personnel Security
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