Chain of Custody (Record Keeping) - $175.00 CAD each

The complexity of the numerous activities that make up the daily operations supporting air cargo security is significant.  We must examine each component in order for you to understand not only your own responsibilities, but to also understand how each activity fits into the overall activity of providing air cargo security.  As a result, the objective of this course is to examine the following activities as they relate to the security of air cargo:

  • The Supply Chain System requirements for security.
  • Tendering of Air Cargo
  • Acceptance of Air Cargo
  • Ground Transportation

We will examine Acceptance & Tendering procedures. What control documents are used and where & how are they maintained and stored.  Also what are the emergency (alert) procedures for discovering air cargo that has been subject to unauthorized access or tampering. We will also examine Ground Transportation and the various mandatory measures to provide effective air cargo security.

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