Facility Security and Access Control - $175.00 CAD each

Assuring the security of any and all air cargo information, infrastructure, and material has become increasingly important. Facility Security is a fundamental requirement ensuring the safety and security of both air cargo and the personnel working within that environment. Enhancing this security is the control of access to air cargo, the processes being used and the personnel responsible for carrying out those processes. Having secure cargo is important to ensure that aircraft, their passengers and their crews are safe from any form of attack. In this Facilities Security and Access Control course the student will learn about:

  1. Threats and Hazards
  2. Personnel Security at the facility level
  3. The provision of effective Access Control measures
  4. Ground Transportation and the secure movement of air cargo
  5. Acceptance & Tendering procedures
  6. Identification of Personnel that may have access to air
  7. The security of Information and Material Security
  8. The roles and benefits of periodic Security Audits

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