Air Cargo Security Awareness - $75.00 CAD each

Air Cargo Security has become increasingly important in our society. Airports, aircraft, and passengers offer the kind of high-profile targets that terrorists seek. Damage to a nation's civil aviation sector can cripple a nation's economy, sense of security, credibility and international reputation. We must therefore examine each component of daily operations supporting air cargo security in order for you to understand not only your own responsibilities, but also to gain an awareness of how each activity fits into the overall goal of providing security to air cargo in the your company, and across the nation. In this course the student will learn about:

  1. The air cargo security environment in Canada
  2. The basics of threat to air cargo
  3. Transport Canada's air cargo security initiative
  4. Security concepts and principles in an Air Cargo Security Plan
  5. Individual personal roles and security responsibilities
  6. Layers of a successful Air Cargo Security Program.

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