Transport Canada has recently issued an important notice advising that Applications Are Now Being Accepted For the New Air Cargo Security Program Participant Categories.

We are poised to assist in the training of those companies who need the required awareness now that Transport Canada is ready to accept applications for businesses wishing to apply to the Air Cargo Security Program. All Shippers (registered shippers and all others), Freight forwarding companies, and Third Party Services Providers who want to participate in the Program may now apply.

While remaining voluntary for the next 10 months, the five new categories for air cargo companies that will come into effect in October 2016 include:

  • Known Consignor
  • Account Consignor
  • Certified Agent
  • Regulated Agent
  • Authorized Cargo Administrator

Which one are you??

We encourage you to read the following information carefully and share it with all services providers working within the air cargo industry and wish to become members of the air cargo security program.

  1. Transport Canada Webpage on the Air Cargo Security Program:
  2. Canada Gazette is the Government's newspaper about legislative, policy, and regulatory change:these two links provide great background reading into how the Air Cargo Security Program came about and why it is so important for both security in Canada and business in Canada:
  3. Published in the Canada Gazette Part I Vol. 148, No. 44 - November 1, 2014
  4. Click here to download the Canadian Avaiation Security Requirements (CASR)